Anne Coles

Lawyer, Mediator & Managing Director

Client Feedback:

“Well prepared and very good insightful understanding of the dynamics of the dispute.”



Anne Coles has been actively involved in mediation for over 20 years as a lawyer, mediator and managing director. She is an expert in dealing with difficult employment and professional partnership disputes having worked on complex and sensitive issues involving professionals and top managers for many years. A consummate diplomat, Anne commands the respect of people at all levels and is adept at getting them to start working constructively together. This coupled with her expertise in the laws underpinning professional services firms has made her particularly effective in dealing with partnership disputes.

Anne has been actively involved in the development of mediation for employment disputes serving on CEDR’s Employment Law Advisory Committee for five years. In 2003, she organised a “Think Tank” to consider the development of mediation for employment cases with major stakeholders such as the former Dept of Trade and Industry, Trade Unions, Employers organisations, ACAS and employment tribunals.

Professional Background

Anne is a specialist employment and professional services partnership lawyer. She has worked as the District Secretary to a Local Council and Head of Legal at the Law Society before going into private practice with the law firm Fox Williams. Anne is currently the principle and MD of AMC Legal, a boutique employment & HR law firm in the East Midlands.


  • Charities
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Partnership & Shareholder
  • Public Sector
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