Diana Wallis

Lawyer & Mediator

Client Feedback:

“Diana always deploys a skilled and constructive attitude.”



Diana Wallis is a qualified lawyer and former member of the European Parliament where she held senior positions including Vice President of the Parliament. Having stepped away from politics in 2014 Diana is now bringing her considerable expertise in diplomacy to mediation work as a CEDR Mediator.

A long-time advocate of the power of mediation, Diana played a key role in the creation of the EU Mediation Directive. She also navigated many highly complex cross cultural situations as a politician and is well known for her calm and constructive manner of chairing and facilitating debate and negotiation. In addition to her work as a mediator Diana is currently President of the European Law Institute and a member of the board of the International Mediation Institute.

Professional Background

Diana has a long and diverse experience in civil and commercial dispute resolution having been a litigation solicitor and partner in a London firm in the 1980s specialising in European cross border claims. She then spent over a decade as a Member of the European Parliament, including five years as a Vice President of the Parliament. Diana’s deep knowledge of the European mediation scene has made her a sought after speaker and adviser on many aspects of law, ADR and mediation.


  • Banking & Finance
  • ICT
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personal Injury
  • Planning
  • Property
  • Reputation Management
  • Sale of Goods & Services
  • Trusts, Wills & Probate