John Quilter

CEDR Faculty & Neutral

Client Feedback:

“The parties were a long way apart and … a settlement was reached … and this was down to the mediator’s efforts.”



John Quilter is practicing mediator and with over 10 years’ experience mediating commercial disputes with national and international organisations related to a variety of contractual disputers between businesses. He also works as a mediator of workplace disputes within organisations as varied SME’s, multinational corporations and Government agencies. John possesses a breadth of experience in helping organisations and employees acknowledge the existence of conflict, understanding the nature and impact of it and ways in which it can be addressed and resolved effectively.

Professional Background

John began his career working with young people and local communities when he became an educator and trainer specifically within the Adult Education sector. He became a member of the CEDR Training Faculty in 1999 working with throughout the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Africa the Middle and Far East delivering the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course. John also works as an independent training and development consultant and has established a broad client base working within the Motor Industry, Universities, Local Authorities, and Not-for-Profit sector.


  • Commercial Contracts
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Employment & Workplace
  • ICT
  • Personal Injury
  • Property
  • Sale of Goods & Services