Susanne Schuler

CEDR Director of Training, Senior Consultant & Mediator

Client Feedback:

“Susanne’s professional skills are head and shoulders above other practitioners. I was impressed by her astute communications skills and her levels of cross-cultural awareness. I would recommend Susanne to those seeking an extraordinary professional who will deliver something powerful and resolve complex issues whilst respecting relationships.”

English, French, German, Spanish


Susanne Schuler is a qualified lawyer and an accredited mediator in the U.K., Germany and Switzerland. She has been working in the dispute resolution field since the mid 1990’s and has facilitated more than 100 mediation processes in recent years. Her clients mainly originate from the corporate world but community and divorce mediation also form part of Susanne’s dispute resolution work before joining CEDR. 

Professional Background

In her role as Assistant Director of Training at CEDR Susanne contributes a combination of strategic input, team leadership and training delivery across the entire range of CEDR training and consultancy services, with primary focus on CEDR’s Mediator Skills training programme for clients globally from the public and private sector.

She works with CEDR Faculty on designing training and coaching courses and delivering these in English, German, French and Spanish. Before joining CEDR Susanne was head of a Business Seminar Unit of a global training company based in Switzerland and she was consultant at Crowne Finch in London where she was responsible for the creation, design and launch of an open programme offering of the Crowne Finch HR-Value Chain. 


  • Construction & Engineering
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Family Disputes
  • Intercultural
  • Sale of Goods & Services

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