When such relationships break down, the resulting fall-out can have a hugely detrimental on both the organisation, its resources and employees. Add to this the usually prohibitive costs and difficult logistics, in arranging for all parties' interests to be represented, it comes as no surprise that clients in these case often look to other forms of disputes resolution such as mediation and expert evaluations.

Our neutrals in this sector come from a variety of backgrounds, including lawyers, corporate directors, accountants, financial advisers and employment and pensions specialists. Available for appointments across a vast variety of services, they are all committed to ensuring that our clients' individual needs are met in the design of an appropriate and workable dispute resolution system to ensure quick and lasting settlements.

Our highly experienced mediators and neutrals can also assist with consultancy assignments to develop organisational capability and capacity for resolving conflict including dispute systems design, introducing mediation, developing formal policies and procedures, establishing informal communication protocols and coaching managers and teams through change.

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