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CEDR is an independent dispute resolution body that adjudicates disputes between passengers and subscribing airlines and airports in the United Kingdom.

How do we decide claims?

A professional adjudicator will assess the application provided by the passenger, evidence submitted by the airline or airport and the relevant law as appropriate in order to reach a decision on the validity of a claim. CEDR Adjudicators have the power to direct that compensation should be paid to the passenger if the claim is deemed to be proven.

In achieving a fair and reasonable outcome for both parties we will:

  • Treat the passenger and airline or airport fairly.
  • Give equal consideration to the word of the passenger and the word of the airline or airport.
  • Remain neutral and promote neither the position of the passenger nor that of the airline or airport.

What do we cover? 

  • Any flight that departs or arrives in the United Kingdom that is operated by an airline that subscribes to the CEDR Scheme.
  • We also cover claims against some UK airports related to passengers with reduced mobility. 
  • To see a full list of subscribing airlines and airports click here.  

How does it work?

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