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CEDR is an independent dispute resolution body that adjudicates disputes between passengers and subscribing airlines.

How do we decide claims?

A professional adjudicator will assess the application provided by the passenger, evidence submitted by the airline and the relevant law as appropriate in order to reach a decision on the validity of a claim. CEDR Adjudicators have the power to direct that compensation should be paid to the passenger if the claim is deemed to be proven.

In achieving a fair and reasonable outcome for both parties we will:

  • Treat the passenger and airline fairly.
  • Give equal consideration to the word of the passenger and the word of the airline.
  • Remain neutral and promote neither the position of the passenger nor that of the airline.

Which airlines do we cover? 

In order for CEDR to adjudicate a dispute the airline must have already subscribed to CEDR in order to give us the necessary powers to adjudicate. We are currently adjudicating disputes related to Tui (formerly Thomson) (since the 1st February 2016), British Airways (June 2016), Thomas Cook (July 2016) and easyJet (August 2016).

How does it work?

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