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A full list of the airlines CEDR adjudciate on can be found on our subscribers page

Yes. We have detailed rules and downloads to help you. You can also call or email us for assistance.

The scheme can only be used to settle disputes relating to the following matters: 

  • Denied boarding, delay, or cancellation;
  • Destruction, damage, loss, or delayed transportation of baggage;
  • Destruction, damage, or loss of items worn or carried by the passenger;
  • Problems faced by disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility when using air transport services; and
  • Any more general disputes arising where the customer alleges that the business is not trading fairly.

You can apply to CEDR for adjudication if you were a passenger of a subscribing airline. 

You should first of all let the airline know that you have a problem with them and allow them the time to try and resolve the problem. If matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction the airline will write to you and tell you that you can refer the matter to CEDR for adjudication. 

You will be asked to provide authorisation for a payment of £25 at time of application but if your claim is successful the adjudication is free and you will receive 100% of the compensation directed by the adjudicator. The only other cost to you is in preparing and submitting your application, for example, photocopying and postage.

All claims with an element that relates to disability rights will be exempt from the £25 charge if the claim is not successful.

The only difference between applying online or by post is that it may be more convenient for you to apply online. This is especially the case if you wish to take your time completing the application form and if you have all of your evidence available in electronic format. Just because you apply online however, does not mean that you have to continue online, you can choose to use the post, email or telephone later on.

We will provide you with an application form which includes guidance on what information we require.

We will collate information from you and the company and then the adjudicator will consider the documentation and make a decision. If the adjudicator requires any additional information CEDR will contact you by telephone, email or post. All documentation provided by the passenger and the airline is shared with both parties.

If you are unhappy with the adjudicator's decision you may reject it. The adjudicator's decision only becomes binding if you accept it within six weeks of being told what the decision is. The decision cannot be appealed, only accepted or rejected by you - if you accept it the airline has to take the required action.

Either party has a right to enter into settlement negotiations at any time before the adjudicator makes a decision. Negotiations are private discussions between the parties and you should correspond directly with the airline and not through us. If you do settle, we need the airline to let us know in writing and we will call you to make sure that you have settled. You should note that if you do settle and the airline fails to take the agreed action you should tell us and we may be able to re-open the case. You can also pursue the company in court.

We aim to complete our work on any case within 90 days of receipt of the application but in most cases the process can be completed in as little as 45 days. 

Yes. The process is transparent and both parties see everything submitted by the other party.

If your airline is not a CEDR subscriber you should ask them to tell you who their nominated ADR provider is, as they are obliged to tell you who it is by the CAA.

For those customers requiring assistance with completing forms due to a disability (or other issue that requires additional support) we would be happy to discuss this with you and make necessary adjustments to suit your needs. We do not offer this service to every customer, you will be responsible for completing your own application form unless you can demonstrate a need for additional support.

Our complaints procedure will give you the information you need on how to complain about CEDR.

Yes, we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. You can read more about how we protect your data on the Privacy page.

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