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Service Standards

The Civil Aviation Authority (the UK aviation regulator) has approved CEDR as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service. The service is for passengers who are in dispute with an airline that have subscribed to CEDR as the indepedent adjudicator.  

What we will do

When you refer a cliam to CEDR you can expect us to be polite and professional and that we will adhere to the following service standards:

  • When you call us your call will be answered within 2 minutes
  • Any correspondence will be replied to within 5 working days
  • We will use “simple English” where ever possible and try to avoid the use of jargon
  • We want to ensure that you understand our procedures and will provide assistance whenever that is possible
  • We aim to be open to everyone and can provide information in different formats on request
  • We try to complete most cases within 90 days of receiving an application but it sometimes takes longer if the matters are complex or the adjudicator needs to get more information from either you or the airline
  • We will monitor your case to ensure that any decision made by an adjudicator and accepted by the airline is complied with.

In addition to these service standards we also assess our performance against a defined set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

What we cannot do

CEDR is an alternative dispute resolution service provider and is not the aviation regulator, that role is undertaken by the Civil Aviation Authority. We cannot, therefore, force an airline to do anything that is not part of a CEDR adjudicator's decision.

CEDR is unable to give individuals advice either about the merits of their claim or on how to construct their claim. The same is true for airlines registered with CEDR. We must act independently at all times to settle a dispute in a fair and reasonable way.

CEDR cannot change an adjudicator’s decision once it has been published.

Complaints about our service

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