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The Fallacy of a Failed Mediation

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” –  C. S. Lewis This week in the news there was a headline online which read ‘Touro Synagogue artifacts dispute to continue after mediation fails.’ And I began to wonder whether there was such a thing as a ‘failed mediation.’ Yes, parties may fail to reach […]

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Man up and mediate, it’s not girly

The news last week that Liverpool FC staff have been given an ‘unacceptable language guide’ to help combat verbal abuse from fans has got me thinking about how important the words we use really are.  Reports say that phrases including  “man up”, “don’t be a woman”, “play like a girl” and “that’s gay” are all […]

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‘The One Where CEDR Writes A Book’

While the nation welcomed Prince George of Cambridge to the world earlier this month,  in June CEDR experienced their own small “special delivery”. Representing nearly 18 months of careful planning, research, crafting and revision CEDR’s latest book, “Effective Conflict Management”,  arrived hot off of the press on a grey Friday afternoon. Published by the Institute […]

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CEDR: A people business

In nearly 5 years at CEDR I’ve often found it difficult to explain to people what I do and what CEDR does.  I’ve held several different roles during my time here, and what I tell people usually changes depending on what part of the business I’m working with most closely at any one time. In […]

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Book of Remembrance for John Price

Following the recent death of  John Price, CEDR has decided to open an online book of remembrance for those who wish to make personal tributes. John enjoyed a close relationship with CEDR and in addition to being on CEDR Solves’ panels of mediators, adjudicators and arbitrators, he was a member of the CEDR Chambers practice group of mediators. Entries […]

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