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Response to the EU Mediation Directive Consultation

The following letter was published in the Law Society Gazette on 30 November 2015 by Dr Karl Mackie, CBE, Chief Executive Officer of CEDR: The recent consultation by the EU on its 2008 Mediation Directive raises the possibility that in future there could be greater regulation in this area of civil justice. Undoubtedly, there is now […]

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Third Time’s the Charm: Reflecting on 25 years of Conflict Resolution

Perhaps the age-old adage rings true. Professor Eric Green argues that in human history, there have been three stages to the ways in which we have dealt with conflict – of which we are now arriving at the third. These first two stages are visible in the Greek myth of Agamemnon, the King of Argos. […]

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Double vision: Conflict through different perspectives [in French and English]

A question a mediator often asks himself when managing a dispute is: what is the person in front of me seeing? How does this particular party grasp the situation? We may speak the same language and talk about the same event, contract, fact, etc. but does this mean that we understand the words the same […]

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A report from the 2015 edition of the CMC Annual Conference

The 2015 edition of the Civil Mediation Council Annual Conference was headlined by the day’s topic of “Mediation: Meeting Participants’ Expectations?” Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury started the day by reminding everyone that in spite of mediation’s relatively recent rising in popularity, this method of dispute resolution has, in fact, been around since the Middle Ages, […]

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A Question for Business: What does winning really look like?

We all know how good it feels to win. When we beat a personal goal in a running race, close a business deal, or when the politician we voted for wins an election. Winning, whether a personal achievement or that of a beloved football team, sends a surge of adrenaline through our body and provides […]

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