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50 29.03.19 – will you have renegotiated successfully?

Prepare: So as the clock begins to tick down towards Brexit in 2019 there will also be a looming deadline of changing business relationships – notably those dependent on ongoing cross-border contracts with Europe as well as with those organisations that receive EU funding. Whilst we would all hope that any relationships that need to […]

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EU Brexit negotiations will need half-full and half-empty negotiators

Do you see your glass as half-full or half-empty? If you see it as half-empty then you probably have a scarcity mindset. Scarcity mindset and its opposite, abundance mindset, were terms first used by Steven Covey in his classic book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Published in 1989 it has been a major […]

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Knowing me, knowing you…

Mediators typically ask parties at an early stage of the process what their negotiation approach or strategy is for the day.  Answers typically include “I won’t settle for less than ££” and “I also want XX”.  Their strategy of how they get to their goals are often not so well thought through, instead relying on […]

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Une tarte fixe with your tea, anyone? – Fixed mentality in the run up to the EU Brexit negotiations?

We often find many people go into commercial negotiations with the view that “their gain is our loss,” with the “pie” to be negotiated being only of a fixed size. Look at any negotiation course in a law or business school and you are likely to find that “fixed pie thinking” is one of the […]

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So is it “my way” all the way for European Negotiation?

A public letter from Dr Karl Mackie CBE to the press 30 June 2016   Dear Sir So is it “my way” all the way for European Negotiation?  Frank Sinatra had the excuse of talking about personal life choices for embracing the philosophy of ‘My Way’.  However it is bemusing to hear leading politicians talk […]

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