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Speaking for the unvoiced – confidentiality and vulnerable stakeholders

One of the clear strengths of the public inquiry system is its inclusivity. While the “death of deference” may not be quite upon us, there is perhaps a cultural shift away from traditional institutional centres of authority towards more civic, grassroots ways of working through problems. Inquiries speak to both of these ways of working […]

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Inquiring into inquiries – what’s the point?

“If the success of Public Inquiries is judged in terms of changes in regulations and legislation, then we cannot often claim to achieve that” (Dame Janet Smith, Chair of the Shipman Inquiry). What’s the point? What do they achieve? Don’t they just kick problems into the long grass? They can be really expensive – is […]

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The Hillsborough Inquiry: what could be done differently?

The shocking revelations of how the investigations were conducted into the Hillsborough disaster will only shake an increasingly disturbed faith in the British inquiries system. Our own research in May this year, of more than 2,000 Britons, showed fewer than a third (27 per cent) said they had confidence in the inquiry system. So what […]

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