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The Bipartisan Bang-Up: When gridlock happens

After a victory for the Republican Party in the Senate last week in the US midterm elections, the United States once again finds itself in the unpleasant position of facing utter gridlock: two parties with opposing viewpoints are in positions of high power with circular veto power. The result of this is that virtually nothing actually […]

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The Results Are In: An International Convention looks for answers

The use of mediation appears to continue to grow in popularity internationally to an exponential degree. As this expansion continues, it is important to maintain a constant dialogue about the role of mediation across the globe and its impact, different approaches, and the challenges faced within different jurisdictions. The 2014 edition of the IMI Shaping IDR […]

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Putting Negotiations in Check: Lessons learned on a lazy Saturday afternoon

During a recent excursion to a café on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a mathematician taught me how to play chess over tea and lunch. Since then, I’ve played another ten games with that same mathematician, and I’ve miraculously only lost nine of them – and as a writer up against someone who actually enjoys mathematics, […]

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The Damage of Deadlock: When negotiations can’t afford to fail

As the global Ebola crisis casts its net wider, reaching North America and Europe, one might think that political officials would be doing anything in their power to ensure its immediate halt, taking all necessary precautions to prevent its further spread. And yet as of Monday, a shipping crate containing almost $150,000 USD of medical […]

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Driving on the F1 to Master the Motorway

A terrorist storms into a Heathrow-bound train and takes hostage all of the passengers, demanding a ransom of £10 million. On the other side of the world, two CEOs meet in a five-star hotel conference room in Hong Kong to finalize a business deal. Off the bat, these two events seem to be completely unrelated, […]

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