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Women and Power: How (appropriate) risk-taking can make you a better leader

By Liz Rivers, Women’s Leadership Coach, Mediator and CEDR Faculty Member Part of embracing power is knowing how and when to take risks.  Too cautious and nothing changes, too reckless and disaster can ensue. Women typically are more risk-averse than men, and often get marked down in the leadership stakes as a result.  Yet we […]

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Women and Leadership: How to be More Like Michelle (Obama) and Less Like Donald.

By Liz Rivers I’ve always admired Michelle Obama for her combination of warmth, intelligence, groundedness and courage. If you love her too the good news is that you can channel your Inner Michelle to be an influential woman and make a positive difference. I speak and coach all over Europe and the UK and here’s […]

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Bridge over walls

Are women selling themselves short in the workplace? 5 tips for negotiating what you deserve.

By Liz Rivers Negotiation is something professional women do every day and you probably think you’re pretty good at it. I’ll bet you’re great at representing your clients, team or organisation – pulling out all the stops to make sure they get what they deserve. But when it comes to your own interests, are you […]

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Strength in difference, power in relations

Times change, institutions evolve, opportunities have been taken, and thanks to better understanding of differences and similarities, strengths and weaknesses, progress has been made for women who sit at the negotiation table. When one thinks of great negotiators in business, many people might only be able to single out male leaders. But even if at […]

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Women in Negotiation

A leader in any situation, but particularly a leader in a negotiation, needs to find a way to direct their team in a manner that allows for collaborative and progressive interactions. In July 2015, CEDR organised a leadership seminar at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, asking what qualities define a good leader. Although […]

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