The pandemic has created pain for lots of people in different ways, so the CEDR community would like to come together to give something back to our wider society and raise money to help alleviate food poverty. Our aim is to raise £10,000 for the following charities:

  • In the UK - the food bank charity -
  • Internationally – UNICEF -

Over 30 years, we have seen the positive impact of letting people tell ‘their story’ in the resolution of conflict and the positive impact it has had on the disputants, organisations and individuals. So, what better way to raise money for the charities above than by having a 24-hour story-a-thon, where our staff, mediators, trainers, clients and friends worldwide get to share these stories and experiences all while raising money for these good causes.


9am September 16th (UK Time) to 9am September 17th


The Zoom link ran for 24 hours with 24 different themed conversations. 

Donations are encouraged via the following pages:

Trussell Trust



It is open to all who want to hear or tell their stories. All we ask is for a donation to our fundraising

CEDR Story-A-Thon Programme

Time Topic
09-10 Welcome Breakfast and the story of CEDR
10-11 Lessons in leadership – Conflict resolution in leadership over the last 30 years
11-12 Mediator Skills Training- The stories of how training as a mediator has changed people’s lives
12-13 Collaboration with our neighbours across Europe – Stories of partnership and collaboration
13-14 30 years of Impact on Civil Justice - Mediation Making a difference on civil and commercial dispute resolution
14-15 Stories from the coalface - Mediator Stories of making difference for the individual disputant
15-16 Bringing Conflict resolution to Organisations – A Key organisational skill
16-17 Lessons learnt from Consumer Complaints - How to complain effectively
17-18 What we have learnt from Consumer disputes: Best Practice in Adjudication.
18-19 Encouraging the new Generation- CEDR’s New Dialogue programme for upskilling new generations
19-20 The journey of marketing dispute resolution
20-21 How providing support makes a difference – lessons from CEDR employee wellbeing in the pandemic
21-22 Remote Working in Complaint Redress - Our Experience and the Way Forward
22-23 How CEDR’s foundation projects made a difference
23-24 The story of International Mediation – learning from Practitioners
24-01 Making an Impact by working with multi-lateral international institutions
01-02 International Cooperation of ADR Bodies – Working together for the good of global society
02-03 Stories from down under – Out New Zealand and Australian friends share their stories of making a difference
03-04 Mediation memories in Hong Kong
04-05 Mediation in Asia and the Singapore Convention milestone
05-06 Breakfast in Middle East, Africa – reflections on what has been achieved
06-07 Breakfast in Europe – stories from our mediators across the continent
07-08 Stories from Trainers around the world - the good, the bad and the downright strange!
08-09 We made it- Celebrating the last 24 hours and looking to the future
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