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Case Studies

The case study bulletins below contain useful information about the types of cases that have been dealt with by CISAS since December 2003. In that time we have handled more than 39,000 enquiries and more than 17,500 applications.

In addition to the case studies, we now publish a Case Study Index. You can use this index to find which case study you need to look at for a case like yours. For example, if you have a problem with debt collection, and you want to see if any case studies relate to debt collection, then by scrolling down to debt collection you will see references for five cases.

Our other new feature is the Case Study Compensation Summary, which shows how much compensation was awarded (or if no compensation was awarded) and links to the relevant case study bulletin.

Please note these case studies are for guidance only. They do not set a precedent and each case is judged on its own merits.

This bulletin includes case studies on compensation in exceptional circumstances; package not clearly explained; Fraud - suspending a contract.

This bulletin includes case studies on number portability; third party services; default notice; establishing amount lost.

This bulletin includes case studies on balance of probability; varying terms; no evidence; email abuse or spamming.

This bulletin includes case studies on breach of duty of care; broadband trial; poor customer service; cancelling service; and premium rate service.

This bulletin includes case studies on agreement terms; standard terms; no evidence; and cancelling contract in 14 days.

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