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CEDR Mediators successfully resolve 89% of professional disputes.

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Is your case value £250,000 or under?

Control your mediation costs with CEDR's fixed price mediation service, covering pre-mediation preparation and mediation time.

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After we understand your dispute, you're presented with the names of those most suited to help. Both you, and the other party, can then choose from this list. 

Usually both sides quickly agree on the mediator they'd like. You move forwards, with total confidentiality, in the quickest possible time.

What's more, you're guided through every step of the process. With support available, for everyone, whenever it's needed. Unlike a lone freelancer your CEDR mediator has full support, with everyone at CEDR helping you achieve an efficient, final resolution. CEDR Mediations are typically resolved within 10 hours. 

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