About CEDR

We are the largest conflict management and resolution consultancy in the world.

Through our services and innovation we are:

Specialist: Our work is exclusively dedicated to improving the way organisations prevent, manage and resolve conflict deadlock.

Practitioners: Our professionals actively assist clients to find real-world solutions.

Experienced: We have led the field of conflict management and resolution for 25 years.

Thought Leaders: Giving guidance and innovation to the business and legal worlds through ground-breaking work on technical and sector initiatives.

Efficient: We focus on quick and cost-effective solutions for clients to resolve disputes and improve communications.

Dispute Resolution Services

Conflict Management

The cost of poorly managed disputes is estimated at $1.65 trillion per year for organisations: help should be sought for effective resolution.

Europe's largest cross-sector commercial dispute resolution provider: dealing with over 300,000 parties in commercial disputes and helping resolve over 100,000 consumer complaints across 30 sectors.

"We found the team to be quick in grasping the facts, persistent in finding a settlement and your neutral helped us find a solution acceptable to all."
Director, IPBPO Pharmaceutical, Tokyo

We naturally avoid conflict when we should be dealing with it: a third of managers would rather parachute out of a plane than have a difficult conversation.

We are working with thousands of people and organisations each year to manage conflict more effectively.

"Working with CEDR has been an excellent experience. Their approach to conflict management is useful in all levels of our hierarchy."
Senior Manager, UNHCR

Negotiation and Leadership Academy

Capacity and Skills in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Business loses £9 million every hour through poor communication and bad commercial relationships: we need to be better at negotiating.

Our Negotiation and Leadership Academy offers a range of innovative skills programmes including the first reflective-based practice course in the world.

"Increases self-awareness and makes you reassess the impact that your particular style of negotiating might have on other people."
Senior Legal Counsel, Nestlé, Geneva

Responding to the need for alternative dispute resolution in different jurisdictions, we have been a prime mover in its development since 1989.

CEDR has trained 9000 people in Mediator Skills in 50 countries, with the most widely recognised mediator accreditation. Many as part of a wider programme to develop and grow ADR.

"The most rewarding and challenging programme I have seen".
Executive, The World Bank, Washington DC


The CEDR's foundation activity is at the centre of our work, undertaking innovative research into understanding conflict in all forms and methods of resolving it. CEDR's foundation activities complement CEDR's services and seek to bring about public benefit by addressing four main areas:

  1. Civil Justice Reform and ADR Initiatives
  2. Excellence and Innovation in Effective Conflict Management
  3. Effective Dialogue in Organisational Leadership and Governance
  4. Society and Conflict Management

What you need to know about CEDR:

  • Launched in 1990 with the support of The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and leading law firms, business and public sector.
  • Over 24 years unrivalled experience in dispute resolution, conflict management, training and civil justice systems.
  • We are independent and neutral.
  • Committed to cutting the cost of conflict and creating a world of choice in conflict prevention and resolution.
  • We are supported by members including multinational organisations, international law firms and professional and governmental bodies.
  • We have been instrumental in bringing mediation into business practice and into the judicial system in England and Wales, and in creating a professional approach in commercial mediation in the UK and internationally.

What you need to know about our services:

  • CEDR is the leading independent commercial ADR provider in Europe and one of the largest and leading ADR organisations internationally.
  • We are an impartial and credible third party used to facilitate negotiations in complex and sensitive multi-party conflict and dialogue.
  • We are the premier trainer of mediators worldwide offering internationally recognised accreditation.
  • We equip business people and professionals with the practical skills needed to apply proactive and positive approaches to conflict management throughout their work.
  • We provide consultancy services to business, law firms and public sector organisations to develop their conflict management capabilities.
  • Leading companies, governments and public-sector organisations use our expertise to devise schemes and procedures to manage all kinds of conflict, within the organisation or externally, with customers, partners and other stakeholders.
  • We work with governments on court-based initiatives in the UK and world-wide.



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