Why should our airline join CEDR?

CEDR is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Body certified by the CAA, which can adjudicate disputes between passengers and airlines that have not been resolved by an airlines own internal complaints procedure. In line with UK Government requirements that came into effect in October 2015, the CAA requires all airlines operating to and from airports in the United Kingdom to tell passengers about ADR if the customer remains dissatisfied after exhausting the airlines complaints procedure.

How does the CEDR service work?

We use  adjudication to resolve disputes. Adjudication is a documents only form of ADR in which a professional adjudicator considers statements and evidence provided by the customer and the company in order to reach an judgment on the dispute and issue a written decision. The adjudicator will take into account the law relevant to the subject matter of the dispute at hand and will also have access to guidance from a technical panel of aviation experts as required.

The adjudicator’s decision will be binding upon both parties if the customer chooses to accept the outcome. If the customer chooses not to accept the decision, the process will have no effect on either party and the matter is closed. The entire process is completed within the 90 day limit (as required by the CAA and in line with UK legislation). However, we aim to process and resolve cases quicker. The service also allows airlines the option to settle disputes once they have seen a  complete claim submitted by the passenger.

Please note that if the passenger's claim fails completely they are required to contribute a nominal fee (£25) towards to the cost of the adjudication. However, all claims with an element that relates to disability rights will be exempt from the £25 charge.

How can I find out more?

Please contact our Consumer Services Team at or via phone 020 7536 6099, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Top Consumer Companies

The following are the top companies that work with us across our consumer schemes.

British Airways


TUI Airways

Thomas Cook

Royal Mail

Virgin Media



National Lottery

Thames Water

United Utilities



Federation of Master Builders



Nuffield Health

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