The data below is taken from our CEDR Customer Satisfaction Survey for Consumer Adjudication and Arbitration. This survey is sent to all customers who have filed a claim under the CISAS scheme where possible. These figures are reported monthly and the next are accurate as of mid-March 2019.

How did you find out about us?
Did you visit our website?
How helpful was the information on the website?
How easy was it to complete the online application form?
Did you contact our office?
How helpful was the CEDR Adviser that you spoke to?
Did we send you any documentation in the post or by email to read?
How easy was it to understand the information we provided about the process?
How easy was it to complete the application form?
After your application was accepted by CEDR for review did the company offer to settle your complaint?
Did you accept the company's offer or proceed to adjudication/arbitration?
How easy was the offer of settlement to understand?
Overall, how easy has it been to have your case resolved by CEDR?
What was the outcome of your adjudication / arbitration?
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