Upload a claim form

Please click here if you have already downloaded and completed your claim form and are ready to submit it to POSTRS.

Otherwise please continue to the 'Download claim form' section below.

Download claim form

Before submitting a claim form, please first check that the following conditions apply to your complaint:

  • That the postal operator is a member of the POSTRS Scheme.
  • That you have given the postal operator a reasonable chance to resolve your complaint.
  • That no more than 12 months has elapsed since the postal operator told you they are unable to resolve your complaint.

Please note that POSTRS cannot deal with the following types of complaint:

  • A dispute that has been or is currently subject to court action;
  • A dispute which, in the opinion of POSTRS, is more appropriately dealt with by a court, regulatory body, or other formal process;
  • A dispute that is considered by POSTRS to be frivolous and / or vexatious; and
  • A dispute that is the subject of an existing or previous valid application to POSTRS.


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