Virtual MST FAQs

The CEDR accreditation is the same CEDR accreditation as the face-to-face course, nothing is different. The CMC have certified the virtual training under the proviso that there is follow-up face-to-face (f2f) sessions when it is safe to do so.

It does not differ, just the medium differs. The platform is different the delivery is the same. As per our f2f course, we will strongly encourage participation and interaction.

Yes, the materials will be the same. Same Handbook, same exercises. We offer everything online such as the CEDR Mediator Handbook and the Folder online via the Web Portal, however you will get sent these core hardcopy materials eventually. There are other materials on the Portal such as video role-plays in addition, access to the Mediation Simulator. The PDFs are printable and will be suitable for printing in greyscale to avoid excessive ink usage.

Yes, all of the trainers on the course are all practising mediators. They will train you not just in the theory of mediation but on how to mediate. The coaches, trainers assessors will give examples from their own mediations and teach you how to be a mediator.

No there will be no difference with the online delivery. F2F contact will be impacted but we will be providing an opportunity to meet the CEDR faculty and do some F2F role play after the course

Everyone will be visible – the trainers and the participants. In role-plays, there will be breakout rooms and we will encourage you to contact each other via WhatsApp or Facetime, for example, if you are a participant with a lawyer and you need to communicate with them.

You need to see us so yes we will be on the screen, and we are limiting the number of participants to 12 so it is easy to see all participants more clearly. But we are aware of the length of the time you sit so we do as we do in the classroom – we encourage physical energisers for example getting up to make a coffee, stretch your legs and have a breather as we do on the F2F MST. We will also give you time to gather your thoughts and we will encourage you to write these down

Yes, you will get the chance to meet and chat with your colleagues in the exercises and in the breakout rooms.

Yes, you will have the same level of coaching and training as you do with our practitioners in the F2F training e.g. with Group coaching, 1-1 coaching and feedback and guidance.

No, the F2F course runs over 5 days however we will run this course over 6.5 days.

Unlike recorded training this course will be live and not recorded film material so you will not be able to pause the session or pop in and out when you like, essentially mirroring the F2F training.

No, you will need to make arrangement to ensure that you are present at each module and on each day of the course. We will require from you to interact, to role-play, to participate etc

We are operating under the assumption that this extraordinary COVID environment will continue for the time being. Moreover, we want to ensure certainty and we wouldn't be able to do that for example if we were unsure of the availability of a venue.

A good wireless internet connection is recommended or if you can, connected to your router directly through an ethernet cable as this will avoid any signal interruption from other devices being used in the household. A stable internet connection is vital. Ensure you have a microphone and camera and if built-in to have them enabled. You need to download the Zoom app (Windows or Mac) installed from here. In addition, 2 screens and a headset would be advised.

No, you don’t. As CEDR are the meeting hosts we are using our business account to run the course

Once you have completed and hopefully passed the course, you will have many more tools at your disposal. Here are just some examples of what you will take away:

  • You will become a more effective leader;
  • You can embed mediation and a culture of mediating disputes into your organisation;
  • If you want to become a mediator, you can begin your path towards a professional mediation practice.
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