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Key Benefits

Your Subscription Includes:

  • MyCEDR Account – Register for events & access a variety of e-learning resources in our members-only area
  • Exclusive Masterclasses - to aid your Continual Professional Development (CPDUK Only), delivered by TED Speakers, High Court Judges and prominent figures in mediation / conflict
  • Observe actual CEDR mediations – you must do this to qualify as a practising mediator (UK & EU only)
  • Discounts and priority booking for CEDR advanced training seminars and events
  • Stay up-to-date with informative, monthly e-bulletins and regular events correspondence

Do you want to learn from the very best?

To be a truly effective mediator you need knowledge in broad range of topics.

For example, conflict management, dispute resolution and human behaviour.

As a MyCEDR member, the expertise of some of the world's best is yours whenever you need it.

Let John Brand – a meditator and trainer for over 30 years spend 38:19mins telling you the lessons he's learned as an international negotiator.

There's hours more from other experts such as Hostage and Crisis Negotiator Philip Williams.

"The masterclass was outstanding. I greatly appreciated the passion and honesty with which Judge Lewis spoke."

As well as the videos, MyCEDR members also have access to podcasts and webinars, including those from:

  • Elizabeth Solomon, Judge of the Industrial Court of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Kelli McLoud-Schengen, President of KMS Intercultural Consulting
  • Teohna Williams. Peacebuilder and outgoing CEO of Business Plan for Peace. Currently the Incoming Deputy Head of Office (Ituri) for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in the DRC

Quite simply, there is no other resource anywhere which offers so much content from such a host of experts.

Learn from the very best, join MyCEDR today

Six live masterclasses

Continual Professional Development (CPD) is essential to your career.

And what better way to earn CPD points than attending a masterclass with an industry specialist six times a year?

People like:

  • Margaret Heffernan; renowned Business Thinker, TED Talker, CEO & Author
  • Hon. Timothy K. Lewis; a former US Judge of the Court of Appeals
  • Elizabeth Solomon; former U.N Peacemaker & Judge of the Industrial Court of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Simon Wells; a veteran Hostage & Crisis Negotiator for the special forces & Metropolitan Police
  • Tim Hicks; a prominent US Author & Conflict Management expert
  • Gerry O'Sullivan; author and expert on Mediation

The unmissable masterclasses have covered a diverse range of topics such as:

  • Charting the Future & Influencing Group Dynamics
  • Predictions Of Behaviour In Negotiation
  • Pursuing Diversity
  • Questioning in Mediation
  • On The Argument That Identity Trumps Extreme Emotion
  • What Is The Neural Basis For Conflict & Communication?

"Margaret Heffernan’s Masterclass was great. I will join MyCEDR for sure. Thanks a million!"

Attending a masterclass usually costs £60. But as a MyCEDR member, they're FREE.

Which, for individual members, means attending just 3 masterclasses makes the most you'll pay for all the other benefits of MyCEDR membership a mere £18.

Make your CPD simple, join MyCEDR today

Observe actual CEDR mediations

To become a practising mediator you must observe two actual mediations.

Being a MyCEDR member is the only way to book yours and:

  • Gain real-world insights into a commercial mediation
  • Watch how a real-life mediation unfolds
  • Understand how the process works
  • Witness parties' conduct
  • Learn how the mediation is settled - in 80% of cases
  • Understand the next steps

Don't miss your opportunity to watch and learn from some of the world's leading commercial mediators

MyCEDR Member "It was so useful listening to mediators on their experiences using zoom and how they’ve managed the transition. We need more of that."

Discounts AND priority booking for CEDR advanced training, seminars & events

Because you're a MyCEDR member, I know one thing about you.

You know to become the very best mediator, your education cannot stop when you first qualify. You understand it's an ongoing process.

Which is why throughout the year CEDR runs events and advanced training.

Upcoming mediation courses include:

  • CEDR-Accredited Mediator Skills Training – two modules
  • Mediator Professional Development
  • Employment & Workplace Mediator Skills Training – two modules

There's also training on conflict management, negotiation training and coaching. As well as seminars like “Nelson Mandela: The Greatest Negotiator of the 20th Century?” and our annual Mediator’s Review of the Year.

All of these are very popular and often sell out very quickly.

To thank you for being a MyCEDR member, not only are you able to book a training, seminar or event before anyone else …

you pay less than they do too.

The latest mediation news and information

Every month you receive the MyCEDR bulletin.

It's chock full of the latest insights – both articles and podcasts - from CEDR's alternative dispute resolution (ADR) experts. 

For example:

  • 10 Tips to Avoid Boardroom Conflict - Dr Karl Mackie CBE, CEDR Founder President
  • Workplace Mediation: 7 Tips for Better Outcomes - Neil Goodrum, CEDR Chambers Mediator
  • Six Ways to be a Better Negotiator – Philip Williams, Hostage & Crisis Negotiator and CEDR Trainer
  • Seven Ways to Successfully Prepare for your Mediation – Andy Rogers, 
  • Investor State Mediation - James South, Managing Director, CEDR and Frauke Nitschke, Senior Legal Counsel, ICSID

Your bulletin also tells you all about new and upcoming CEDR events.  Such as the free, MyCEDR Mediator Professional Development Sessions.

You won't find this invaluable information anywhere else.

To ensure you're up to date, you must receive the next - and all subsequent - bulletins.

     The only way is to join MyCEDR today.

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