POSTRS Membership

Why should my company join POSTRS?

POSTRS is an Ofcom certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme for regulated postal services. The scheme can also be used for disputes related to non-regulated mail services provided both company and customer agree to use the service voluntarily. 

How does it work?

Customers may make an application to POSTRS for adjudication against a POSTRS member company provided they have already referred their complaint to the company and the company has told the customer that they cannot agree and a state of deadlock exists between them.

How does POSTRS decide disputes?

POSTRS uses adjudication as the method of ADR which means that both customer and company have an opportunity to submit written evidence on each case which is assessed by a legally qualified adjudicator who will issue a written decision that becomes binding on the company, if the customer accepts it. If the customer rejects the decision the adjudication has no effect on either party. 

How much does POSTRS cost?

POSTRS membership requires a small annual retainer and a case fee will then apply to each individual case. A breakdown on charges is available from POSTRS.

Request an information pack

If you would like an information pack, or you have any questions, please contact POSTRS.

How do I apply now?

If you would like to apply for POSTRS membership today please complete a short online form by clicking here. Once you have submitted the form online we will prepare a contract and send it to you for review and signature.

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