The Postal Redress Service (POSTRS) is a free and independent ADR service approved by Ofcom (the postal services regulator) to resolve disputes between postal operators that are members of the scheme and their customers. POSTRS is run by IDRS. The only costs you might have to pay are for the phone calls you make to us (at standard rates), photocopying, or postage costs associated with filling in the forms and providing documents.

Procedure for a typical POSTRS case.

  1. Complete the POSTRS application form and send it to us with your supporting documents.
  2. Your application will be reviewed to ensure your claim is within our powers to adjudicate.

  3. Once your application is accepted we will send the postal operator a notice of adjudication with a copy of your application and supporting documents.

  4. At this point, the postal operator can object to the validity of your application or try to settle the dispute with you. If either of these actions occurs you will be kept informed by POSTRS.

  5. If neither action in point 4 occurs the postal operator will have a period of 10 working days in which to send POSTRS a written response to the claim.

  6. Once we receive the response we send you a copy and you will have 5 working days to comment on it if you wish.

  7. An adjudicator will then be assigned to your case and will review all the evidence submitted by you and the postal operator.

  8. Within a period of approximately 3 weeks, the adjudicator's final written decision will send it to you and the postal operator.

  9. Once you have received the decision you will have 30 working days in which to tell us if you accept or reject the decision.

  10. If you accept the decision, the postal operator must provide you with the remedies directed by the adjudicator within 20 working days.

  11. If you reject the decision, it will have no legal effect on you or the postal operator and you will still be able to take your complaint to court if you wish.

  12. If you do not tell us what you want to do about the decision within 30 working days, the postal operator does not need to act and we will close the case.

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