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How to have your people achieve things you never thought possible

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Revealed: The secrets of the top Hostage and Crisis Negotiators

The people who work for you are highly skilled.

Not by chance, but through years of hard work by them – and you.

You've helped develop their abilities to an extremely high level.

But do they have enough to keep you ahead of the snarling pack …

… to win more clients & keep them for longer

… to manage difficulties both internally and externally?

There's one skill key to all of these: negotiation.

We've all been negotiating since the day we were born and throughout our lives – how else have you ever convinced someone to do something for you?

Your company may be pretty successful.

But to do even better, the skills and knowledge your people have learned intuitively are no longer sufficient.

They need to really understand:

  • What they're doing
  • Why they are doing it
  • Why some of what they do works so well

… knowing this is the key difference between being good and the very best.

How to be the very best

It's simple: you need a coach.

They help break down what you do naturally and give you a framework around which to base your negotiations.

Not only to plan but dynamically through the negotiation.   So you're constantly evaluating, able to change your 'game plan'.

You also gain a whole new set of skills – some you may already have naturally, others not.  But knowing what they are and why they work, allows you to apply them with surgical precision.

So the next time someone is in a situation which has become stuck, they have a whole range of options.  Understanding how they apply enables them to use the right one(s) to create the change – outcomes you never thought were possible.

When their lives depend on you, there's no room for second best

Quite frankly there is there's nobody better to learn these skills from than a Hostage and Crisis Negotiator.

I know this because for 20 years I was one.

My colleagues and I were put in some really difficult situations - with people it was thought we'd never succeed with.  Yet, on many occasions, we did.

My name is Philip Williams, I'm now a Senior Consultant & Mediator at  The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

… mediating … having a difficult conversation … involved in some form of conflict dispute ...

… and you want to try and resolve it.

Going back to my days as a Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, after a success people would say:

    “How did you talk them out of that?  How did you talk them into doing this?”

I could only reply, “I didn't.  I listened them out.”

Listening is the real art, the real gift and the real magic.  When you truly listen to someone, you get beneath the surface.

You get into why are they really doing this.  What are their true values, their beliefs, their interests, their concerns, their likes dislikes?

You discover a whole world of information you didn't know before.

What this gives you is choices and potential solutions.  So when it comes to your turn to actually do the talking, you can say it in a far more influential & persuasive manner.

And with that you will – I hope – change something that was thought impossible, for the better.

Active listening is just one of the skills you'll have after training with CEDR.

Delivered by some of the UK’s most respected former Hostage and Crisis Negotiators, this training is life-changing for you, your team and the organisations you represent.

You will gain a full introduction to the behavioural change model of Hostage and Crisis Negotiation.  And:

  • Know the when, where, what, and why of how to apply crisis management skills
  • Hone the key skills highlighted in the model in an escalating range of hostage and crisis situations
  • Recognise key personality traits and be able to adjust negotiation style
  • Identify, manage and apply techniques in emotional control and the psychology of influence
  • Appreciate the different roles within a crisis team and how to work both strategically and tactically as part of that wider team effort
  • Create negotiation strategies and develop tactics to achieve that strategy

Understand how to continually assess, adapt tactics and measure success

And my colleagues and I would like to teach your people everything we know about negotiating.

The “success foundation”

One of the key things – I think it's the foundation of all successful negotiation – is “active listening”.

It's your bedrock when negotiating …

  • Identify, analyse, understand and find the optimum path through different types of crisis
  • Apply a model used by crisis negotiators to meet the extreme, create options and influence behaviour in line with organisational goals
  • Manage emotion – theirs and yours
  • Recognise key personality traits and be able to adjust negotiation style

… and much more.

Your training is not about theory, but chock full of practical ideas to apply straight away.

Which is why it's through group exercise and simulated crisis negotiations you learn:

How to listen to 'understand the problem, understand the personality' and use that insight to influence and problem solve.

Let me help you understand how and where <<Company name>> could improve their negotiations.

I can also give you a complimentary, 1-hour demonstration of active listening – see for yourself the power of this most valuable skill.

Simply – and without any further obligation – call my associate on 07740873476 or send an email to

Why train with CEDR?

All we do at CEDR is help people and businesses deal with conflict more effectively.

Since 1991 we've helped 10,000+ clients here in the UK and around the world.  For example in Singapore, Russia, America and Europe.

As well as ex Hostage Negotiators like me, other colleagues have worked on, for example, peace processes for the United Nations.

Train with CEDR and you join the biggest law firms, the Magic Circle, The World Bank, the United Nations, the European Investment Bank, Bloomberg and many, many more

- all of them have benefited from our expertise, skills and solutions.

But ...

Don't just take my word for it

Of course, I'm biased about CEDR's training.  So here's what people say about this training:

“As a result of training, I saved my mother £400 on a wardrobe & gained my company a £400k account.”

– Business Unit Director, Professional Services Firm


“A concise run through, a strategic approach to negotiation, presented skilfully and in a engaging fashion.”

– Director at ING


Lots of really good, meaty content – excellent mix of theory into practise.”

 - Director of People, GDST (Girls’ Day School Trust)


“This is a tool for conflict management and negotiation with practical, relevant exercises and superb tips to avoid conflict in the first place.”

 – Head of Planning, Budget & Analytics, EIB (European Investment Bank).


CEDR:  The Rolls Royce of negotiation provision.”

 – Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm


 “The course packed it all in - intense and high impact. A great experience which left me better equipped to handle tough negotiations.”

 – Managing Partner, Law Firm


“Brilliant.  One of the best courses I have ever done.”

 – Senior Counsel, The Bar Council of Ireland


“One single negotiation has saved us around £176,000

 - NHS Trust procurement team


"An excellent grounding - invaluable for all lawyers committed to practical cost effective problem solving."

- Liam Kennedy, Partner, A & L Goodbody


To discover how CEDR will help you understand how and where <<Company name>> could improve their negotiations …

… or for your complimentary, 1-hour demonstration of active listening ...

… simply call my associate on 07740873476 or send an email to

I must stress you're not obliged to do anything else.

So before something else distracts you, get in touch with me right now.


Philip Williams

Senior Consultant & Mediator

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)

  1. To create change and outcomes you never thought possible, you need to be able to negotiate like the very best Hostage and Crisis Negotiators.

To find out how - and book your complimentary, 1-hour demonstration of a key skill called “active listening” - simply call my associate on 07740873476 or send an email to

You're not obliged to do anything more.  So why not call or email now?

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