A mock mediation with CEDR Chambers Mediator, Eve Pienaar

Since 2000, the growth of wealth in the Private Client sector is estimated to exceed $139 million.

Since 2010, 1 million more family businesses have been created in Britain creating a quarter of the nation's output, contributing £519 billion to the economy and comprising 88% of all private sector organisations (2016).

However, less than one third of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation ownership. Another 50% do not survive the transition from second to third generation.

What skills do Private Client Advisers and Wealth Managers need to ensure the financial and emotional wellbeing of their high-net-worth clients and to manage the unintended consequences of wealth?

Excellent specialist skills alone do not suffice any longer to differentiate yourself in this lucrative and growing market. Adding ‘tough’ skills to your technical and other capabilities can have a beneficial impact on the bottom line of your business.

For more than 30 years, CEDR has been involved with more than 200 high-net-worth conflict cases. We’ve found that being able to navigate the emotional landscape of your clients is the single most effective skillset that helps achieve the financial results you aim for.

What Issues are Private Client Advisers Facing?

We spoke to two leading Private Client Advisers, Steve Hollis and Susannah M Gray about the issues facing their industry and what is now expected of them. 

Our training has been designed specifically to tackle these issues, upskilling Private Client Advisers with the ability to have difficult conversations, manage and resolve conflict within families and businesses and tap into the potential of emotional intelligence.

At its core, our training is taking Private Client Advisers above and beyond what is expected of them. We are empowering them to become trusted family and business partners, able to assist their clients in handling some of life's most difficult and seemingly intractable conflicts.

CEDR Mediation Skills for Private Client Advisers is a three-day course to help you differentiate yourself in this lucrative and growing market. Add specialist skills to technical and financial ones and benefit your bottom line.

  • Broaden your skills set and learn how to navigate the emotional landscape of your clients.
  • Know how to predict, prevent and resolve conflict.
  • Build a more robust relationship with your clients as a trusted advisor, not just a financial and/or legal specialist.
  • Add value to your existing client service plans to help improve the financial and emotional wellbeing of your clients.
  • Be better equipped when dealing with challenging client situations and strategic client work.
  • Completion enables you to proceed to Mediator Skills Training Module 2 (CEDR Accreditation) 
  • Use CEDR’s Difficult Conversation Framework, learning what to do and in which form to approach a conflict, and how to have the right conversations with different family members.
  • Apply a Practical Conflict Analysis to really understand what different conflicts are about.
  • Navigate emotional landscapes, acknowledging that emotions play a much greater part in negotiations than we take credit for and using this intelligence effectively to affect the bottom line.
  • Work in a small exclusive group on live case studies.
  • Network and share best practice with other professionals.
  • Receive high-impact group and 1-to-1 coaching and feedback from our experts.

Meet your Trainers

  • Susanne Schuler

    Director of Training and Consultancy, Senior Consultant & Mediator

  • Suki Laniado Smith

    Senior Consultant, CEDR

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