Conflict and interpersonal issues at board or leadership team level are a particularly challenging issue for any organisation. Board members and leaders of organisations are often highly competent technically in their areas of specialisms, but this can create challenges in terms of interpersonal relationships. If these issues are left unaddressed, they often escalate and end up adversely affecting board, team and business performance, and ultimately the bottom line.

This course has been designed in conjunction with the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank. It enables members of board and leadership teams to constructively manage interpersonal conflict and tensions within this pressurised context.

The programme will empower participants to have difficult conversations and handle challenging behaviours of board members and senior management.

  • Understanding, recognising and addressing causes of tension in your board or leadership teams
  • Building a framework for having better high-level difficult conversations
  • Effectively handling emotion, anger and interpersonal issues on the board
  • Attaining skills to manage and work with high-level individuals
  • Managing board conflict or difficulties more effectively
  • CEDR is a leading international dispute resolution and conflict management consultancy, recognised internationally as providing the gold standard of commercial mediation training.
  • We have trained and coached more than 9,000 people around the world.
  • CEDR is led by renowned and experienced facilitators and speakers who are first and foremost practitioners.
  • Our preference is to work to a maximum 1:6 trainer/participant ratio, or less in certain scenarios, thereby delivering more personal, effective training.
  • This course will provide leaders and senior professionals with effective, practical training in rarely taught skills.
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