Difficult Conversations

These are a fundamental part of business life. Whether it's managing a project, giving challenging feedback to colleagues or communicating with clients, people involved in business need to know how to communicate difficult messages.

Through a practical framework, communication skills, practice and coaching, CEDR will help you to have these conversations.

On completion of the course, your team will not stop having difficult conversations but will be able to handle them with professionalism, agility and authenticity.

  • Provision of a practical framework for having difficult conversations
  • How to handle conflict in a variety of forms
  • Communication skills for having a difficult conversation
  • Practise having a difficult conversation in a safe environment
  • CEDR is a leading international dispute resolution and conflict management consultancy, recognised internationally as providing the gold standard of commercial mediation training.
  • We have trained and coached more than 9,000 people around the world.
  • CEDR is led by renowned and experienced facilitators and speakers who are first and foremost practitioners.
  • Our preference is to work to a maximum 1:6 trainer/participant ratio, or less in certain scenarios, thereby delivering more personal, effective training.
  • This course will provide leaders and senior professionals with effective, practical training in rarely taught skills.
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