At some point, every leader will come across times in their professional lives where they have to resolve tensions between colleagues, navigate tricky contractual negotiations or even manage whole-office conflict.

Effective mediation skills are a vital tool for any leader and yet few have been taught this business skill.

CEDR Mediation Skills for Leaders is a tailored course for managers and leaders to learn the skills of mediation so that they can be applied in a business context. With these mediation skills, you will be able to resolve tensions at an early stage; handle disputes in a confidential manner and learn how to make practicable agreed solutions.

This course is a useful stepping stone in the process of gaining CEDR Mediator Accreditation.

  • The framework for mediation and the practical skills needed
  • Effective mediation communication skills within a management context
  • How to handle status issues
  • Ways to help develop and resolve bargaining and settlement issues
  • What to do with an issue which cannot easily be resolved
  • CEDR is a leading international dispute resolution and conflict management consultancy, recognised internationally as providing the gold standard of commercial mediation training.
  • We have trained and coached more than 9,000 people around the world.
  • CEDR is led by renowned and experienced facilitators and speakers who are first and foremost practitioners.
  • Our preference is to work to a maximum 1:6 trainer/participant ratio, or less in certain scenarios, thereby delivering more personal, effective training.
  • This course will provide leaders and senior professionals with effective, practical training in rarely taught skills.
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