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Simulator Pricing

  • 1-10 players: £200.00/licence
  • 11-28 players: £175.00/licence
  • 29-49 players: £160.00/licence
  • 50 and above players: Contact to discuss options

VAT at 20% is chargeable on these prices for sales within the UK and for individuals outside of the UK.

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What is the Mediation Simulator?

You take the seat of the mediator and work with the parties from the initial phone call with the lawyers until the signing of the settlement agreement at the end of a successful mediation. However, make the wrong choices during the simulator and the parties may go home with no agreement.

You choose which type of dispute you wish to mediate, and the learning is focussed on which ever type of mediation you are interested in.

Simulator Benefits

  • Understand in detail the phases of the mediation process — The simulator takes you through all phases of mediation from initial contact with lawyers during the preparation phase, through Opening, Exploration, Bargaining and finally to a Settlement or No Settlement, in the concluding phase.
  • The perspective of the mediator — By being the mediator in the simulator and making choices about dialogue and process you will understand the role of the mediator in resolving a dispute.
  • Learn at your own pace — While the simulator takes about 45 minutes to complete, you can take a break and come back to it at any time and play as many times as you want to improve your learning.

Simulator Features

  • Interactive — The choices you make determine the direction and outcome of the dispute.
  • On-going feedback — Real-time indicators show you how the parties have reacted to each of your decisions. At the end of each phase you receive feedback on your performance through a scoring system with a summary of learning points achieved.
  • Bonus extras — You also get access to CEDR's award winning Mediator Handbook, previously only available to course participants, and 40 videos showing effective mediator skills.
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