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Dispute resolution scheme enquiry form

There are common questions we ask when we speak to organisations about having a dispute resolution scheme. The answers to these questions help us to work out whether we have an existing product or whether we need to design something just for your needs.

Whilst you can call us or email us without answering the questions (only the two fields marked* have to be completed), it would help speed the process if you took five minutes to complete and submit this form. It will also help focus your own mind on what you might need.

(Remember that under European law it is not possible to make a scheme mandatory for a consumer they must volunteer to enter in to the proceedings.)
  Voluntary use     Mandatory use     Not sure
  Enshrined/referenced     Not enshrined/referenced     Not sure
  Business-to-consumer     Business-to-business     Not sure
  Branding is important     A general scheme is acceptable     Not sure
If so, what is the expected limit? For guidance purposes, the small claims court in England & Wales will accept claims up to £5,000. In Scotland the limit is just £750.
Do you want an independent person to make a decision or help the parties to make a decision? Options include arbitration, mediation, conciliation, adjudication and neutral evaluation. Methods can be paired together or offered as separate packages. If you are unsure please let us know and we will explain more at our meeting what all the different methods are.
  Binding     Non-binding     Not sure