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12 December 2019

Much of the focus on the CEDR mediator skills training programme is on the use of the mediator skills in the classic and formal 1-day mediation process. However what is becoming increasingly evident is that a number of mediators are using the skills learnt on the course in a number of creative ways outside of formal mediation. Come along to this session and hear from some of those who are using mediator’s skills in ways, and in areas that perhaps you wouldn’t have considered, including:

  • Corporate Governance and Boardroom conflict
  • Resolution of tax disputes
  • External HR Investigations

Hopefully this discussion will spark some of your own creativity in how to use your newly developed skills.

This event is exclusive and free of charge for our MST alumni who have become CEDR Accredited Mediators in the past 12 months. Our MPD series offers newly accredited mediators on-going support and encouragement through the first year of being a mediator.