Virtual Mediator Skills Training Q&A Session

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Become a CEDR-Accredited Mediator From Home

Since May 2020, CEDR has run its world-leading Mediator Skills Training virtually, on 17 occasions and with over 200 people around the globe. When training with us online, we guarantee you access to:

  • Same Trainers
  • Same Content
  • Same Skill-Set
  • Same World-Leading Accreditation
  • In-Person Training and Follow-Up

We understand you might have a lot of questions about the training. This video, with our programme manager and lead trainers, should answer every question you might have and give you a better insight into training to be a CEDR-Accredited Mediator online.

"I did not really know what I was getting myself into when signing up for the CEDR Mediator Skills Training earlier this year ... As of yesterday I am a CEDR-Accredited Mediator! It was a great and intense course, highly recommend it to anybody. It will make you a better person, no less than that." - Partner, Allen & Overy