What is the Platform to Business Mediation Scheme?

The Scheme is for business users to escalate a complaint against Amazon Services Europe SARL (or a company affiliated with Amazon Services Europe SARL). This is done by way of a voluntary, non-binding adjudication (Mediation). The Scheme provides an informal and independent way of mediating disputes between either party.

Once you have completed the Amazon complaints process, please click on the Submit Application button to commence our process. Please note that once the payment is successful you will then be asked to complete and submit the online form along with any relevant documentation you wish to provide. Please note that you can provide further information and/or evidence within 3  days of submitting your form. However, under no circumstances can further information be submitted at a later stage.

If you wish to view this information in another language or access any of our forms on the left-hand side of the screen, please press the 'TRANSLATE' button at the top of this page.

Under this scheme, we conduct non-binding adjudication (mediation). This method of alternative dispute resolution is an informal and independent way of mediating disputes between Amazon and their business sellers (users).

Once we have received payment via the payment portal you will then be taken through to the online form. You will then need to complete this and submit it along with any relevant documentation. Your completed form and documents will then be sent automatically to the CEDR team to review. Once the application has been accepted, it will be sent to Amazon to provide a response.

Once the response is received, the case is then assigned to a Mediator. The Mediator will then issue a non-binding adjudication to both parties. Please note that the recommendation(s) made by the Mediator in their decision will be non-binding. The implementation of any recommendation(s) made by the Mediator will be at the sole discretion of Amazon.

We wish to advise that whilst we can accept applications and information in other languages, we will be responding to you in English. However, we are able to issue the Mediator’s decision in a language of your choice as well as in English. So if you require this, please let us know.

Once you have completed the Amazon process, please click on the ‘Submit Application’ button to commence our process. Please note that once the payment is successful you will then be asked to complete and submit an online form.

If you would rather not use the online form, you can apply using our Adobe PDF form available in the Downloads section on the left-hand side. If you do use the Adobe form then you must save the completed form on to your device and email it to amazonp2b@cedr.com

Once the complete case file is received (including your application, supporting evidence and Amazon’s response) the Mediator will have 40 days to issue a decision.

Yes, you will need a valid access code to commence the CEDR process. We note that Amazon will issue this to you directly and you will have 30 days to come to CEDR with that code. If you come to CEDR outside of that timeframe, you may have to return to Amazon to obtain another code.

ADR can be a swifter and cheaper alternative to court action to getting your claim resolved. However, if you choose ADR and are not happy with the outcome, then you may decide to pursue your claim through the courts afterwards.

The steps you must take before submitting an application

Step 1.

Raise your complaint with Amazon in the first instance. The company will try and resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. This may take several weeks but you must allow them sufficient time to assess your complaint and respond. 

Step 2.

If you and Amazon are unable to find a mutually acceptable resolution to the complaint Amazon will issue you with a final response and access code. This letter will tell you that Amazon is unable to take your complaint any further and that redress is available elsewhere.

Step 3.

Once you have received your access code, you are able to bring your matter to CEDR.  We will require you to make a payment and register your complaint. CEDR will then appoint a Mediator to issue a non-binding decision.

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