The Process

Step 1

To qualify for an Observership * you must have become CEDR-accredited within the period of March 2019 - present.

If you fit the above criteria, you can register your interest at

Step 2

A member of the team will provide you with your Observership portal login details.

Step 3

Click on the 'Portal Login' button above or below to access the Portal and search for available Mediations to observe.


Send an email to expressing your interest, we will then add you to the Observership Portal.

If you don’t live in the UK and you are planning to visit, we will try to accommodate you when a suitable opportunity arises, however you will need to inform us and give us plenty of notice. 

If you are outside of the UK & EU and you cannot travel to these regions, unfortunately we cannot offer you an observation this is due to restrictions imposed by GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Due to these restrictions, we are only able to offer observations: 

  • For mediations taking place online to observes located in the United Kingdom and European Union; and 
  • For mediations taking place in-person to those who can attend an in-person mediation in the United Kingdom. 

You will receive an email confirming your Portal access details (username and password). 

Once you have reached the top 10 of the list, (note: you will notice this through the frequency of the notifications you receive) you will then receive a notification of the next available Observership – you must login to the portal as soon as you receive this notification to secure your place. The demand for places is very high and as a result place get booked very quickly so speed is of the essence. 

Face-to-Face mediations 

We are now starting to resume face-to-face observations and so when you confirm your place you need to consider your travel options to and from the location. Bear in mind the travel arrangements to the mediation and the Covid protocols which may still be in place and need to be adhered to. 

Remote mediations

There will be opportunities for remote mediation observations however we are moving towards more F2F & hybrid mediations. There is currently no distinction in the notifications whether one becomes available however, the observership could change to virtual depending on Covid restrictions / special circumstances at the time. 

Due to the high demand and Covid restrictions still affecting some mediations, it is common for delays in their availability, however these are starting to change but the knock-on effect of this is that the waiting time is at least 6 months.

This is a first-come-first-served system, which means that when someone books, the portal will then show a message saying: “There are currently no mediations available to you”. We are striving to add as many available mediations as possible so please keep an eye on your inbox for the notification. We do advise you to act very promptly due to the high demand, therefore as soon as you receive this notification go to the Portal (see the button above) and book on the observership. 

As soon as the Mediation is uploaded, the system sends out an email to the priority list (first 10) then if in the first day the mediation has not been booked by any of those 10, the rest on the list gets automatically notified. 

What are the benefits of an observership?

  • Gain real-world insights into a commercial mediation
  • Watch how a real-life mediation unfolds
  • Understand how the process works
  • Witness parties' conduct
  • Learn how the mediation is settled (in 80% of cases) 
  • Understand the next steps
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