What is the Google Mediation Process?

In accordance with the European Union Regulation 2019/1150 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services (“P2B”) Google has identified CEDR’s P2B Mediation Panel to provide independent and impartial mediation services for its P2B disputes across the UK and Europe.

CEDR is an independent organization providing mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes to businesses, consumers, central and local government and trade bodies. CEDR can administer and provide experienced and highly skilled mediators to facilitate settlement between business users and Google.

If you are a business user and you have an issue or complaint with Google arising from your use of one of its online intermediation services please see below for further information on how mediation can help you reach a resolution.

Step 1:

Business Users who have an issue or complaint with Google should first address Google’s internal complaint handling processes. Where a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved through Google’s internal complaint handling processes, including customer support, Business Users may submit a request for mediation to Google. See this page for reference.

Step 2:

Where Google consents to mediate, the Business User will receive Google’s confirmation together with an authorisation code.

Step 3:

After receiving a referral and an authorisation code from Google, Business User should complete Part 1 of the Application Form and submit it to adr@cedr.com, referencing “Google P2B” and including an authorisation code. Forms without an authorisation code will not be accepted.

To download an application form click here.

Here are steps to follow after the Application Form Part 1 is completed by the Business User and is received by CEDR. These steps apply generally for all fixed fee, Google P2B Meditations for disputes valued less than GBP/EUR 500,000. The timetable and process flow for disputes valued in excess of GBP/EUR 500,000 varies slightly and will be provided upon request.

Step 4:

Once CEDR receives Business User’s completed Part 1 of the Application Form, CEDR will reach out to Google to confirm Google’s participation. 

Step 5:

After the Application is completed by both Parties, CEDR will provide two recommended mediators for Parties to choose from. If Parties are unable to agree, then CEDR will appoint a mediator.

Step 6:

Business Users will need to sign the Mediation Agreement and pay a portion of the mediation fees. After submission of the signed Mediation Agreement by Parties and receipt of the fee, CEDR will provide an executed copy of the Agreement and introduce Mediator.

Step 7:

Parties send written submissions to the Mediator, who will exchange documents between parties after both have been received.

Step 8:

Parties confirm mediation attendees to Mediator and attend an introductory call with the Mediator.

Step 9:

Parties attend mediation (typically 30-45 days after initial applications are confirmed). After mediation and a post-mediation 10-day grace period has passed, the Mediator will produce an Outcome Statement. CEDR will provide this statement to Parties and confirm mediation is concluded.

  • CEDR have over 50 mediators experienced in mediating business to business disputes.
  • CEDR mediators can mediate in over 20 European languages. 
  • Please see CEDR’s P2B Mediation Panel here

Click on the links below for Step 7 submission templates (Word .docx format).

For further information on mediation please see our information page here

Q- Is my complaint eligible for the P2B Mediation Process?

A- All eligible complaints must first contact Google to request consent to mediate. Eligible complaints where Google consents to mediate will receive a authorisation code from Google.  If you do not have a authorisation code, please consult Google’s Platform-to-Business Mediation Support Center.

Q- Does Google have to mediate if I request mediation?

A- Mediation is a consensual process and both parties must agree to mediate in order for the mediation to take place.  In accordance with P2B, Google must consider all request to mediate in good faith, however it is not compelled or required to mediate disputes or disagreements.

Q - Do I have to pay a fee to use the Google P2B Mediation Process?

A- Yes, in order to use the service you will be required to make a payment on account for 40% of the total mediation fee.

P2B requires Parties to bear reasonable proportions of the total cost of mediation in each individual case.

Q - Can I use this service to resolve disputes related to my purchases of Google’s goods or services?

A - Please note P2B does not apply to consumers who purchased services or goods through Google. If you are a consumer and you have a complaint or dispute with either Google or one of Google’s business users, please first refer to your terms and conditions for how to lodge a complaint.

General information about P2B

  • Further information about P2B can be found here.

About Mediation

  • Further information about mediation can be found here.

General P2B FAQs

  • For answers to some of the most frequently asked questions click here.

CEDR Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint about CEDR Commercial services you can use the following Complaints Procedure Form. 

Please note P2B does not apply to consumers who purchased services or goods through Google. If you are a consumer and you have a complaint or dispute with either Google or one of Google’s business users, please first refer to your terms and conditions for how to lodge a complaint.

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