Platform-to-Business Panel

CEDR’s P2B Panel consists of experienced business-to-business mediators from across Europe and the United Kingdom. Our mediators are trained in conducting online mediations and are able to service over 20 European Union languages. Each mediator is appointed to our Panel in accordance with our Mediator Quality Commitments.

You can find a list of our Platform to Business Panel by language here.

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  • Anton Aleksandrov image

    Anton Aleksandrov


    Client feedback: “Anton was a very patient mediator and his diplomacy kept the conversation going even when I thought I … Continued

  • Sevdalina Aleksandrove image

    Sevdalina Aleksandrova

    Lawyer, Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Sevdalina was extremely helpful in keeping the focus on the important issues during the entire mediation. And when … Continued

  • Ioanna Anastassopoulou image

    Ioanna Anastassopoulou


    Languages Greek, English, French Overview Dr Ioanna Anastasopoulou is a lawyer and accredited mediator by CEDR and the Greek Ministry … Continued

  • Frederico Antich image

    Federico Antich

    Arbitrator & Neutral

    Client Feedback: “Federico approaches the mediation process keeping in mind the human side of it, no matter what is the … Continued

  • William Aylmer image

    William Aylmer

    Republic of Ireland | Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “He is a mediator of choice in respect of his knowledge, patience, commitment and integrity” Language English Overview … Continued

  • Maria Malo image

    Maria Bacas


    Client feedback: “The mixture of her consolidated knowledge and experience of the business and international environment, her global perspective, business-oriented … Continued

  • Balint Balassa image

    Balint Balassa


    Client feedback: “Balint listens and takes the time to understand both sides of the dispute. He is objective, fair and … Continued

  • Stehen Barker CEDR Chambers

    Stephen Barker

    Chambers Mediator

    Client feedback: His approach was very patient, measured and creative” – Client Feedback “Mr Barker was astonishingly effective.” – Client Feedback … Continued

  • Stephen Bate

    Chambers Mediator

    “Success was to a large extent due to the skill, expertise and persistence of Stephen. I would not hesitate to … Continued

  • Sheila Bates

    Mediator & Legal Partner

    Client Feedback: “… as a mediator she builds trust remains impartial and concentrates on the issues to hand and finds … Continued

  • Soriana Constantinescu image

    Dorothee Bernard


    Client feedback: “It was easy to talk with Dorothée all along. She helped us, amongst other thing, to re-open the … Continued

  • Vanja Bilic image

    Vanja Bilic


    Languages Croatian, English Overview Vanja Bilic delivers a quality mediation service, with 34 years of experience as a judge (in … Continued

  • Corina Bolsterli image

    Corina Bölsterli


    Client feedback: “Corina was of great support in calming down the atmosphere between the parties. With her calm and professional … Continued

  • Martin Brink image

    Martin Brink

    Netherlands | Attorney & Neutral

    Client Feedback: “Martin got us talking again, this virtually saved our company.” – Eduard Zanen, Bugaboo International Languages Dutch, English … Continued

  • Birgit Broedermann

    Trainer, Facilitator & Mediator

    Languages German, English Overview Birgit is an experienced and highly competent conflict management trainer, facilitator and mediator with strong communication … Continued

  • Claudia Caluori image

    Claudia Caluori


    Client feedback: “Claudia Caluori has conciliation abilities supported by excellent listening skills”. Languages English, Italian Overview Claudia is strongly dedicated … Continued

  • Gillian Caroe

    Chambers Mediator & CEDR Faculty

    Client Feedback: “Gillian has a natural ease and confidence in the role of the mediator and superb communication skills.”  Languages … Continued

  • Eileen Carroll QC (Hon)

    Principal Mediator and Co-Founder

    Client feedback: “She settled the unsettleable” “She led the most effective opening session I have ever seen.” “She has a … Continued

  • Ursula Caser image

    Ursula Caser


    Client feedback: “Ursula has been very efficient in helping us to really go over all the details that have added … Continued

  • Soriana Constantinescu image

    Soriana Constantinescu


    Client feedback: ‘’Soriana is the best mediator I know. Both me and my team learned a quite a few relevant … Continued

  • Helena De Backer image

    Helena De Backer

    Attorney & Commercial Mediator

    Languages Dutch, Flemmish, French, English Overview Helena De Backer is a practising Attorney and founder of DS De Backer and … Continued

  • Hugues De Roquette Buisson image

    Hugues De Roquette Buisson


    Client feedback: “The mediator has acted with high professionalism with a positive and constructive attitude, opening future perspectives.” Languages English, … Continued

  • Mario Dotti image

    Mario Dotti


    Client feedback: “Mario Dotti is an excellent mediator. His ability to solve complicated cases is matched only by his courtesy … Continued

  • Victor Durlesteanu image

    Victor Durlesteanu

    Neutral & Barrister

    Client Feedback: “He understands his role but he is taking the initiative to handle the process when the parties are … Continued

  • Thomas Gaultier image

    Thomas Gaultier


    Client feedback: “With Thomas as a mediator, I was able to find, all in one, a professional with the characteristics … Continued

  • Neil Goodrum

    Chambers Mediator

    Client feedback: “He got to the nub of the issues very quickly and painlessly” – Client Feedback Languages: English Neil Goodrum is a … Continued

  • Anne Karin Grill Image

    Anne-Karin Grill

    Attorney-at-Law, Arbitrator and Mediator

    Client feedback: “Anne-Karin is a great observer, and able to cut straight to the heart of any dispute. When it … Continued

  • William Ingram Hill

    William Ingram Hill

    Commercial Mediator

     “His calm, rational and approachable manner allows him to disarm those in conflict and assist with reaching a swift and … Continued

  • Karolina Jackowicz image

    Karolina Jackowicz


    Client feedback: “Karolina walked us through a difficult business dispute to a settlement taking into consideration our personal needs. It … Continued

  • Amrik Kandola Image

    Amrik Kandola

    Commercial Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Your approach was exactly what was required. You had a real understanding of the case and the drivers … Continued

  • Dumitru Lefter image

    Dumitru Lefter


    Client feedback: ‘’After the mediation process I was a part of, I believe that the Mediator and mediation process is … Continued

  • Mandy Lenton Image

    Mandy Lenton


    Mandy is an experienced mediator with a busy practice. Highly regarded by leading real estate barristers and solicitors, mediation participants … Continued

  • Ralf Lindback image

    Ralf Lindback


    Client feedback: “… I have been especially impressed with Mr. Lindbäck’s skill in appreciating both the intellectual challenge and the … Continued

  • Viktoria Liouta image

    Viktoria Liouta


    Client feedback: “The mediator conducted the meetings with maturity, logic, process awareness and perseverance and guided us in finding solution … Continued

  • William Lister

    William Lister

    Solicitor, Neutral

    Client Feedback: “You emphasised your role and this was the opportunity for the parties to sort it out without resorting … Continued

  • Joost Maassen image

    Joost Maassen


    Client feedback: “Thanks again for today. I was and am impressed”.  (App message from counsel of the requesting party after … Continued

  • Gill Mansfield Image

    Gill Mansfield

    Commercial mediator

    “She was excellent” “A rare talent for finding practical solutions to problems very quickly” – Client Feedback Languages English Overview … Continued

  • Corrado Mora Image

    Corrado Mora


    Languages Italian, English Overview Corrado’s practice contains well over 1,200 cases many of which concern matters including property, delicate and … Continued

  • Joachim Müller

    Trainer, Facilitator, Mediator & Conciliator

    Languages English, French Overview Joachim is an experienced conflict management trainer, facilitator and mediator. His mediation practice contains a variety … Continued

  • Ildiko Muranyi image

    Ildikó Murányi


    Languages Hungarian Overview Dr. Ildikó Murányi is a Mediator, Business Coach, Lawyer and business consultant. Mediation is a wonderful way … Continued

  • Gert Nilsson image

    Gert Nilsson Eldrimner

    Commercial Lawyer & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “If Gert cannot manage it, nobody can.” Languages English, French, Swedish Gert Nilsson Eldrimner is a commercial lawyer … Continued

  • Ilona Nurmela image

    Ilona Nurmela


    Client feedback: “Ilona helped me with a difficult mediation regarding an employment issue. She was calm, professional, approachable, systematic and … Continued

  • Nick Pearson

    Chambers Mediator

    “His interventions were always to the point and I felt that the parties recognised and valued his obvious experience.” – Mediation … Continued

  • Iris Pensa image

    Iris Pensa


    Languages English, Slovenian Overview Iris practices facilitative mediation. In her opinion the main advantage of mediation is that the parties … Continued

  • Eve Pienaar Image

    Eve Pienaar

    Chambers Mediator

    Client Feedback: “The calm, measured and consummately professional approach you adopted greatly helped in achieving a resolution to what appeared … Continued

  • Katarzyna Przyłuska Ciszewska image

    Katarzyna Przyłuska-Ciszewska


    Client feedback: “Very compassionate lawyer -mediator.  I felt fully heard and professionally served. She is very good at seeing the … Continued

  • Camilla Rauma Sehm image

    Camilla Rauma-Sehm


    Client feedback: “Thank you for a good mediation. This was the first time for me as a party in a … Continued

  • Anna Saczuk image

    Anna Saczuk


    Client feedback: “I regret not having met Anna a couple of years ago. My business would have been in an … Continued

  • Birgit Sambeth Glasner image

    Birgit Sambeth Glasner

    Mediator & Solicitor

    Languages English, French, German Overview Birgit Sambeth Glasner is Co-Head of the Dispute Resolution Team at Altenburger. As a former … Continued

  • Susanne Schuler

    Susanne Schuler

    CEDR Director of Training, Senior Consultant & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Susanne’s professional skills are head and shoulders above other practitioners. I was impressed by her astute communications skills … Continued

  • Srdan Simac image

    Srdan Simac

    Judge, Mediator & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “… It was a pleasure to meet a person of such high profile and I think you played … Continued

  • Tania Songini image

    Tania Songini


    Client feedback: “Tania has an open, consultative style. She succeeds in motivating and fostering a high degree of cooperation. She … Continued

  • James South

    James South

    CEDR Chief Executive, Senior Consultant & Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Good at controlling the discussion so that the parties did not escalate.“ Languages English, Spanish Overview James South … Continued

  • Martin Svatos image

    Martin Stavos


    Client feedback: “We have been engaged in a construction dispute for years and spent a lot of countless and unproductive … Continued

  • Eweline Stobiecka

    Ewelina Stobiecka


    Languages English, Polish Overview Ewelina Stobiecka is the Head of the Warsaw office of Taylor Wessing. She is also a … Continued

  • Joe Tirado Image

    Joseph Tirado

    Solicitor & Arbitrator

    Client Feedback: “Joe did an excellent job.  He was professional, enthusiastic and detail-oriented throughout the process. My client had never … Continued

  • Agne Tvaronaviciene image

    Agne Tvaronaviciene


    Languages English, Lithuanian Overview Dr. Tvaronavičienė has 10 years of experience in utilities sector (namely the post services) and public … Continued

  • Maite Uson image

    Maite Uson


    Client feedback: “As the owner of a business, located in a central commercial street, I participated in a complex mediation … Continued

  • Ana Virginia Bauder

    Ana Virginia Bauder

    Lawyer, Mediator, Conciliator & Adjudicator

    Client Feedback: “Excellent in all respects. She had a robust style; yet approachable, and very aware of financial and legal … Continued

  • CEDR Mediator & Trainer, Wolf Von Kumberg

    Wolf Von Kumberg

    Arbitrator, Mediator

    Client Feedback: “Well placed to understand the needs of business people.”   Languages English, German Overview Wolf Jürgen von Kumberg is … Continued

  • Mladen Vukmir

    Mladin Vukmir


    Client feedback: “[Mr Vukmir] created an atmosphere during the mediations that invite[s] the parties to cooperate. He seemed very pro … Continued

  • Mikael Wahlgren image

    Mikael Wahlgren


    Client feedback: “Mikael Wahlgren has, in co-partnership with United States Magistrate Judge James E. Gates, acted in the US as … Continued

  • Klaus Olaf Zehle image

    Klaus-Olaf Zehle


    Languages German, English Overview Klaus-Olaf zehle is working as a mediator since 2005, during which time he has conducted more … Continued

  • Laima Zelmene image

    Laima Zelmene


    Client feedback: “Laima helped me to see and understand what the other party really needed. And, most importantly, to see … Continued

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