Camilla Rauma-Sehm


Client feedback:

“Thank you for a good mediation. This was the first time for me as a party in a mediation. It was a good experience, mostly because of Camilla’s personality, her way to mediate and her mediation skills that lead us to an agreement.”


Swedish, Finnish, English, French


Camilla Rauma-Sehm is a Finnish District Judge, Court-Annexed mediator and mediator. She also trains new and more experienced mediators. To her, mediation is a modern, constructive, fast and effective way to solve conflicts. What she likes about mediation is its interdisciplinary nature; mediation is about psychology, numbers and law.

Camilla’s mediations proceed in a positive ambience, showing the biggest respect for the interests of the parties. As a mediator she is patient and creative and likes thinking out of the box. She always has discussions with all the parties and separate discussions.

Professional background

  • District Judge 2020 – District Court of Helsinki
  • Civil matters; judge, mediator, leader of mediation project
  • District Judge 2011 – 2020: District Courts of Espoo and Länsi-Uusimaa
  • Civil and certain criminal matters; judge, mediator, responsible for mediation
  • Assistant and Senior Assistant Judge of the Court of Appeal 2003 – 2011: Court of Appeal of Helsinki
  • Trainee District Judge and Junior District Judge 2000 – 2003: District Courts of Espoo and Helsinki
  • Researcher, Assistant and Teacher 1997 – 2001
  • University of Helsinki; Faculty of Law, Departments of Civil and Public Law
  • Hanken University of Economics in Helsinki; Department of Commercial Law


  • Construction & Engineering
  • Property
  • Information Communication and Technology
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals