We help you deal with an annual £33 billion problem - unhealthy workplace conflict!

At best, conflict merely' anchors your company's profits.

At worst it's the death knell for a business.

Get it right, however, and you can:

  • Eliminate wasted resources and management time dealing with unnecessary, escalated conflict
  • Unlock the innovative potential of your teams by equipping them with the ability to constructively disagree 
  • Improve the productivity and well-being of your staff, from top to bottom 

But more about getting it wrong.

At a bank we recently helped, the cost of a typical workplace dispute was estimated at being:

€600,000 in legal fees, an exit package the equivalent of three years of salary and 1000 hours of management time.

No business should tolerate or, in the unprecedented times we live in, afford costs like these.

All we do at CEDR is help people and businesses deal with conflict more effectively. 

What Makes us Different?

Our experts include ex Hostage and Crisis Negotiators, International Peacemakers and Mediators. They have helped save lives, broker international peace agreements, improve access to justice in multinational jurisdictions and worked with corporations embroiled in conflict. 

Fundamentally, they are practitioners, who deliver stress-tested and practical solutions - nothing airy-fairy.

Work with CEDR and you join Magic Circle law firms, The World Bank, the United Nations, the European Investment Bank, Bloomberg and many, many more.

How we work with you and what that involves depends on you and your business. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf but tailored to your individual needs and problems.

Get your FREE Conflict Review Session

To help you work out potential or present conflict issues, please schedule a confidential, one-hour FREE session with one of our experts.

Moreover, they'll also use our Cost of Conflict Calculator to put a figure on how much conflict is costing you every year.

At the end of your conflict review you'll know:

  • How much conflict is affecting your profits
  • How to stop it
  • How CEDR can help

… in short, everything you need to present your findings to your board.

Download your free copy of our "Growth Anchors" document. 

Learn about three factors holding back innovation and effectiveness in your team.

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