For Employee Relations Professionals who Need to Reduce Grievances  

As an Employee Relations professional, it's likely you spend much of your time dealing with grievances.

CEDR’s research has shown minor conflicts can devour up to 20 hours of your time and larger scale conflicts over 40 hours. One organisation reported that 65% of the salaries of their Employee Relations team were put against conflict challenges.

On top of the financial costs, the personal toll on 'People' functions can be incredibly high. In fact, one ER leader told us she felt her function was like the hitman in Pulp Fiction – only called upon when a dead body needed to be removed.

We want to help Employee Relations teams change this...

Felicity Steadman presents to group

CEDR works with Employee Relations Professionals to make you the hero of this story.

Excessive grievances have their root in the inability of employees, managers and leaders to have effective difficult conversations when issues first arrive.

You need not only the confidence and the capabilities to have challenging conversations effectively, but also the insights to foster a system to proactively prevent them.

Get it right, and you can:

  • Eliminate wasted resources and management time dealing with unnecessary, escalated grievances.
  • Unlock the innovative potential of your teams by equipping them with the ability to constructively disagree.
  • Improve the productivity and well-being of your staff, from top to bottom.
Enquire to understand how to help your Employee Relations Team

Specifically, there are three jobs you need to get done:

Job 1.

Finding someone to help you deal with a singular dispute

When you have a singular dispute and need to find an effective 3rd party mediator or facilitator

Job 2.

Finding someone to help you deal with multiple disputes

When you having lots of difficult conversations and grievances and you need to upskill yourself and your team’s ability to deal with it.

Job 3.

Finding someone to help your managers deal with conflict within their teams

When you have lots of difficult conversations and you need to upgrade your managers ability to deal with it (we get this one a lot!)

What Makes us Different?

Our experts include ex-Hostage Negotiators, International Peacemakers and expert Workplace Mediators. They have helped save lives, broker international peace agreements, improve access to justice in multinational jurisdictions and worked with corporations embroiled in conflict. 

Fundamentally, they are practitioners, who deliver stress-tested and practical solutions.

Work with CEDR and you join Farfetch, CERN, The World Bank, the United Nations, the European Investment Bank, Bloomberg and many, many more.

How we work with you and what that involves depends on you and your business. Our solutions are not off-the-shelf but tailored to your individual needs and problems.

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