We want to ensure that our clients receive the best service for the resolution of their disputes. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that mediators appointed to a CEDR Panel are of the highest quality, complying with the following Quality Assurance Process:

CEDR Mediator Quality Assurance Process

  • Practising mediators and CMC Compliant:
    • Conducted or observed at least 2 mediations per year
    • Undertaken at least 6 hours of Mediation-specific CPD in the past 12 months
    • Covered with a Professional Indemnity Insurance of at least £1M
  • Committed to their continued development through:
    • Sharing a mediator report to CEDR after every CEDR mediation capturing their reflective practice and learning points, which is then read by one of CEDR’s Client Relations Associates
    • Continually evolving their practice working together with CEDR to spot emerging trends and develop new skills and techniques
    • Taking part in development sessions and attending CEDR Exchange Network and training
  • Monitored on a regular basis via:
    • Independent and anonymous Client Feedback sought after every CEDR mediation
    • Observers – CEDR Accredited mediators who are appointed to learn from the practising mediator on how to conduct a mediation, who then need to report back to CEDR their learning points
    • Shadowing - done by CEDR Faculty and Mediator Development Manager to ensure  high quality and whether any further development might be needed
    • Yearly reviews to the Panel, to which they were only able to join by invitation and after a thorough process

It is crucial our Mediators are representative of the parties they provide mediations to, and that our clients can select from a diverse Panel. We are committed to continuing to develop diversity within our Panel, with a goal to have our Panel representative of the general population in terms of age, gender and ethnicity by 2022.

In order to achieve the above in the fairest possible manner, and to give an equal opportunity to all aspiring mediators, we have a clear selection process, aimed at providing maximum transparency.

Broadly the process is as follows:

Step 1: Yearly review of Panel needs and mediators performance based on clear criteria including:

  1. Quality Commitment requirements are followed and successfully met
  2. Experience and background are relevant to the current market’s needs, individually and in relation to the proportion in the Panel
  3. Embodying of CEDR’s core Values, Vision & Mission
  4. Annual Panel Membership Fees covered

Mediators who do not meet criteria will be removed and consideration of new mediators considered as set out below:

Step 2: For prospective mediators to be considered, they must:

  • be CEDR accredited
  • have mediation experience and be CMC compliant
  • have positive feedback from parties and mentors

Reports are compiled by the CEDR Mediator Development Manager and submitted to the CEDR Director of Commercial Disputes and Managing Director for consideration.

Step 3: The selection of new panel members is determined by the Director and Managing Director based on the following criteria:

  • a minimum of two mediation observerships (one with CEDR)
  • a minimum of two CEDR conciliations or commercial mediations
  • a clear interest in pursuing a mediation practice
  • continue to meet all criteria mentioned above

Step 4: Accepted Mediators go through an onboarding process which includes a mentored first mediation. (Feedback is given to unsuccessful candidates).

CEDR as an organisation is more than just a mediation service. Our Vision is 'Better Conflict, Better Outcomes, Better World' and one of our values is transformation. To achieve this, we need to continue to develop new mediator talent for the benefit of our clients. CEDR has a Mediator Development Programme which looks to identify emerging mediator talent and support them through a process of observerships, early experience and mentoring before considering them for the CEDR Panel.

More information on the CEDR Mediator Development Programme can be found here.

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