CEDR Mediator Development Programme

As part of CEDR’s commitment to develop new mediator talent, CEDR undertakes a yearly review of all CEDR Accredited Mediators who have expressed their interest in taking part in this programme.


  • Review of CEDR Accredited Mediators.
  • Identify Panel and market needs.
  • Meet shortlist suitable candidates.


  • Undertake Mediation Observerships.
  • Mediation CPD hours accrued.
  • Establish presence in the ADR Field.

Early Experience

  • Undertake Conciliations.
  • Monitoring Programme.
  • Commercial Mediations.


  • Report approved by Committee.
  • Shadowing and Mentoring Programme.
  • Formal Invite and Onboarding Process.

The Mediator Development Manager will then proceed to meet with each one of the candidates and gauge the level of experience obtained so far. The candidates will have to observe at least one CEDR mediation and, those without previous mediation experience, will need to undertake at least two other external observerships. The candidates will need to be committed to their continuous professional development in the mediation field, and will be oriented on a variety of activities they could do to ensure they are able to establish themselves as active members of the mediation community.

Following which, the candidates will be expected to engage proactively in different mediations or conciliations where they can increase their experience in the field. When conducting CEDR cases they will be mentored and supported by more experienced CEDR mediators.

Once they have reached this stage, the Mediator Development Manager will report back to the Director of Commercial Disputes and the CEO to present the candidates suitable for the on-boarding process and formal invitation to the process.

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