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How to Mediate Cases Involving Power Imbalance

We welcomed four of CEDR’s top mediators to talk about the nature of Power Imbalance and how mediators can best tackle situations where inequality within mediation causes a challenge.

Handling power imbalances between the parties in mediation can be one of the most challenging skills for a mediator to master. Whether it is working with parties where there is unequal legal representation or experience, or where one party is facing multiple opponents, it is important that a mediator is able to bring balance and neutrality to the situation.

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Masterclass on Mandatory Mediation – Lessons from New Zealand

CEDR Chief Executive James South is joined by visiting CEDR fellow Haamid Ben Fayed, a mediator and lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand working on cases for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to discuss the use of mandatory mediation in New Zealand and the lessons for the United Kingdom.

With James and Haamid’s experiences of small claims schemes in both jurisdictions, they discuss how the process of mandatory time-limited mediation works in mediation in New Zealand and the way that cases are automatically referred to mediation. They will then look at how mediators work in practice with parties, consider the effect of using employed mediators and explore success rates and satisfaction with the service and its applicability to the UK.

Working With Lawyers in Commercial Mediation

In July's masterclass, we were delighted to be joined by four leading CEDR commercial mediators, Emma Gooding, Amrik Kandola, Andrew Manning Cox and Suzanne Tager to give their experiences on how they work with lawyers in commercial mediation and the ways that legal representatives can add value for their client.

Mediating Clinical Negligence

In May’s Masterclass, we welcomed Tony Allen a CEDR Chambers Mediator and former Director of CEDR. Tony is a specialist in Clinical Negligence Mediation and joins Graham Massie, CEDR Chief Operating Officer, to discuss his perspective on mediating this area.

Tony Allen has practiced in all fields of mediation but is particularly renowned for his expertise in Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Human Rights Disputes. He has been listed by Chambers and Partners as a leading Mediator since 1999 and described as “clearly the best mediator in the UK for personal injury and clinical negligence”.

Resolving Disputes Involving Trade Unions

In our March masterclass, CEDR mediators Malcolm Currie and Gillian Caroe and special guest Lisa Micallef looked at the characteristics and challenges of resolving disputes involving trade unions. They shared insights on the practical ways to engage with trade union groups and looked at how to mediate between trade unions and industry.

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