CEDR is a leading ADR service provider specialising in conflict resolution

CEDR helps individuals, teams and organisations achieve better outcomes from conflicts that hinder human interactions, collaboration and collective performance.

  • Advises organisations on process improvements that minimise the cost of conflict
  • Arms individuals and teams with practical skills to engage in a wide range of conflicts
  • Designs and operates dispute resolution schemes to deal with specific conflicts


Our Values

We approach people as people and demonstrate this in everything we do, through our values of Humanity, Independence, Tenacity and Transformation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that better conflicts result in better outcomes leading to a better world.

We were the original disruptors before disruptors had their name. We continue to honour that legacy, charting our own path as the modern face of mediation and conflict resolution.

We inspire people to look differently at conflict, reframing it as an opportunity to achieve better outcomes and build a better society.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide society with skills and solutions for effective dialogue and conflict management.


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