Dr Zaza Johnson Elsheikh

Mediator, International Commercial Arbitrator

Zaza is dually qualified as a medical doctor and solicitor, as well as being a highly experienced mediator and International Commercial Arbitrator (CIArb). She is an active pluralist and fluent in Arabic and she frequently contributes to the prevention of and response to radicalization through mediation and mentoring often working alongside the Metropolitan Police. As a Conflict Resolution Trainer, Restorative Justice Practitioner and Community Leader for Muslim Women, Zaza also delivers a range of courses and seminars in Churches, Mosques, Schools and Universities as well teaching children (including those with Special Educational Needs) to handle conflicts with their peers, siblings and parents more constructively. Her commitment to improving the levels of engagement within ethnic and religious communities is strongly evidenced by her founding of the charity BIMA, a multi-faith association of Mediators and Arbitrators.

Zaza’s work can involve dealing with those whose behaviour or beliefs might be very challenging so her approach encompasses using positive reinforcement tactics to promote good behaviour.