Peter Aeberli

Arbitrator; Adjudicator

Client Feedback:

Thank you very much indeed for your assistance yesterday. … we could not have got there without your skill and
persistence.” (London city solicitors).

We would also like to convey our thanks to the Arbitrator … We look forward to working again with the Arbitrator soon.”
(London city solicitors).

Dispute Resolution Experience
Experienced arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator receiving appointments by party agreement and
from bodies such as the ICC (sole arbitrator and president), LCIA (sole, presiding and wing
arbitrator), FIDIC, Engineer’s Ireland, the CIArb, RICS and RIBA. Has been invited by ICDR
(American Arbitration Association) to chair a tribunal, but had to decline, for personal reasons.

Arbitrator on in excess of 70 construction disputes in both two-party and multi-party matters, a
few involving public bodies, conducting hearings from a few days to four weeks or so, disputes
of up to about £10 million and projects up to about £100million.

Adjudicator on in the region of 300 construction disputes involving claims up to about £15
million and projects up to about £100 million: “The adjudicator decided, in what both parties
accepted was a thorough and well-reasoned decision, …. that the defendant had to pay the
claimant the sums for which I have given summary judgment.” Knight v. Urvasco [2008] EWHC
3956. “I would like to express my appreciation of the proficient approach and treatment by the
one member DAB …” (Eastern European State entity).

Mediator on in excess of 60 construction and other disputes involving both two and multi
parties, some involving public bodies, and claims up to about £5 million:

Disputes on which Peter has acted, have involved:

– Legal issues and contract interpretation.
– Development agreements.
– PFI Projects.
– Technical and scientific issues, such as paint, roofing, cladding, glazing, corrosion,
mechanical and electrical and structural defects, fire resistance and
– Infrastructure and civil and structural engineering disputes including concrete
structures, piles, roads, bridges, power stations, bio-mass facilities, airport runways,
sewers, defence establishments, liquefied gas facilities, water treatment works,
process engineering (biodiesel feed stock).
– Environmental (including nuclear) issues.
– Marine equipment and jetty; Railways (infrastructure, computer equipment and
rolling stock).
– Professional negligence.
– Delay and programming issues and disruption and delay costs.
– Quantity surveying issues including interim and final account valuation.
– High value/specification (up to £40 million at 2000 prices) residential properties.
– Commercial agency agreements
– International commercial disputes including as arbitrator under ICC rules, LCIA
rules and UNCITRAL Rules and as FIDIC dispute board.