Philip Williams

Senior Consultant & Mediator

Practitioner, trainer, coach; Philip brings insightful, real-world stress-tested, knowledge, skills and experience to professionals seeking that edge in negotiation, mediation or conflict resolution.

Frequently asked, ‘so how do you get someone to……….?’ Philip draws on a unique professional journey. As a former Director of the UK’s Hostage and Crisis Negotiation programme, his experience includes deployments in some of the tensest, most hostile, high-stake environments across six continents. As a specialist advisor to successive UK governments and global organisations, he has gained unparalleled skills within the high-pressure world of crisis leadership, critical decision-making and life-at-risk negotiation.

That experience is strengthened by his exposure to the demands, pressures and needs of a broad range of national and international commercial businesses, organisations, government and independent bodies, specialist professions and individual professionals.

Designed to transform and enhance, Philip has delivered programmes for multiple organisations, teams and individuals in sectors that include sales, procurement, human resources, clinical health, legal, multimedia, international banking, global insurance, energy, aviation, world charity and peacekeeping to name a few.

Valued in both the public and business sector as a skilled listener and agent of influence he is prized for his integrity and reasoned, honest approach to business challenges.

Philip was previously vetted to the highest level due to extensive collaboration at the most senior levels of government and international security agencies.



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