Construction Adjudication referral form

  • £300.00 + VAT.

    Information supplied on this form is transmitted via our secure server. Only the fields marked * are required, but it will save time if as much information as possible is supplied via this form. CEDR will invoice the referring party for the appointment fee.

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  • The Referring Party named above hereby applies to CEDR for the nomination of an adjudicator for the purposes of a construction contract under the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 or the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009.
  • Details of other party

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  • Notice of Adjudication

  • Please upload a copy of the Notice of Adjudication (which must have been copied to all parties to the contract). If more than two parties are involved then please also include their details in the Notice of Adjudication.

    Please note the Notice of Adjudication must include the following details:

    • Names and addresses of each party to the contract
    • Date of contract
    • Brief description of dispute(s) to be referred to adjudication
    • When and where the dispute has arisen
    • Redress sought
  • Max. file size: 5 MB.
  • Dispute details

  • Request for Nomination of Adjudicator

    I request CEDR to nominate an Adjudicator and confirm that the Notice of Adjudication has been served on the other parties to the contract. I understand that a fee of £250.00+VAT will be payable to CEDR.
  • Please note: CEDR will nominate an Adjudicator within 2 days (excluding bank holidays) of receipt of this form and a copy of the Notice of Adjudication. The appointment does not form a contract with the Adjudicator with whom conditions of appointment and fees must be agreed directly.