Arbitration is a confidential process in which an independent third-party is appointed to decide the outcome of a dispute between two or more parties.

The process may be conducted by a sole arbitrator or a panel of multiple arbitrators (often two or three), according to party requirements.  The arbitration award is final and binding. Arbitration is often used where parties require a confidential process or where an arbitral award may be more easily enforced than a judgement from a foreign court.

To make a referral use complete this form and submit it to us.

CEDR acts as an administrating body and Appointing Authority, under The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (Articles 5-8).

CEDR can:

  • Provide a shortlist of arbitrators for the parties to choose from.
  • Appoint arbitrators with the joint consent of the parties
  • Provide assistance during the arbitration in the form of:
    • Managing the exchange of documents
    • Setting up hearings and sourcing venues
    • Providing fundholding services
    • Offering administrative and practical support
    • Providing information on appropriate settlement techniques for use in the arbitration including on the use of a 'Mediation Window'

CEDR can only appoint arbitrators with the consent of all parties.

  • CEDR charges an appointment fee of up to £3,000 depending on the claim value (normally split equally between the parties)
  • Arbitrators charge between £250 and £750 per hour subject to the parties’ requirements
  • Send the referral form by email to
  • After receiving confirmation from both parties that they consent to proceeding with the arbitration, CEDR will invoice the parties.
  • Upon receipt of payment, CEDR will send an appointment letter confirming the appointment of the chosen arbitrator.
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